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Your dream has come true: the person you want to spend the rest of your life with has asked you to step into forever and always. You are tingling with excitement—and maybe just that first hint of nerves about how to organize your thousands of ideas and emotions into one glorious day. You want to combine tradition, fantasy and romance into a ceremony and reception that express the love you share with your betrothed, and the joy you wish to share with family and friends. Visions of perfection fill your mind- but this is obviously going to take some professional assistance.

As professional consultants, we can help plan and coordinate as much of your wedding as you wish, no matter how big, small, simple or elaborate. We have the knowledge and energy and equally important, we can save you time and money.

Prior to the event, we'll listen as you describe the style of wedding you envision. At our first meeting with you, we build the foundation for our relationship by finding our more about you, your taste, style, vision and expectations. Then we will orchestrate our team of specialists who will make that vision become reality. During the event, we'll stay behind the scenes, keeping the attention focused where it belongs: on you, and your flawless day. And while we handle all the logistics and details, you can concentrate on looking radiant, and enjoying this once-in-a-lifetime moment without distractions.

We can help you in many roles:
  • Financial planners, helping you to adhere to your budget
  • Etiquette experts, advising you on traditions and protocols
  • Advocates, matching you with the best services/vendors
  • Supervisors, overseeing all the service providers you've selected
  • An extra set of hands, handling the most minor details
  • Advisors, guiding you through difficult decisions
  • Efficiency experts, saving you time and money
  • Mediators, running interference wherever it's needed
  • Industry experts, savvy about the latest wedding trends
  • A shoulder to cry on, whenever your emotions need an outlet
Reception Menus Links: Hors d'oeuvre selections and Buffet/Plated selections

All menu pricing is customized.

Please contact our office at 859-266-6661 for a complimentary consultation or proposal.

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