The art of food carving is a far Eastern custom that has since been adopted by creative chefs and food artists all around the world. Actually, in countries such as Japan and Thailand, fruit carving is considered to be a part of the typical presentation of the meal rather than an accessory. Watermelons, cantaloupes, honey dew melons, pineapples and many other smaller fruits and vegetables can all be carved individually or combined into either stylishly elaborate or enjoyably simple designs that will contribute a ‘wow’ to any type of gathering or event.

Seasons Catering edible fruit carvings are wonderful conversation pieces that often become the center of attention and offer guests something to buzz about long after the event has ended. Components, styles, and designs can range from simple to extravagant and are commonly used as table centerpieces and food display decoration at social, corporate, and wedding events locally. Because of the flexibility and endurance of fruit carvings, many lighting and other effects can also be incorporated based upon the intended placement and use of each carving

Below are a few samples of fruit carvings to consider for your upcoming event.

Combine an incredible ice sculpture with an amazing fruit carving by the nation’s top professional ice carver and artistically amaze even the most seasoned guests!

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